Continuous molding :

Vacuum molding system :

Molding suitable for workshops ranging from 5 to 10000 liters of milk per day to more than 1 million liters of milk per day.

An unique system allowing an optimum molding speed: less than 5 minutes for 25,000 liters. It also guarantees a maximum material recovery rate, while remaining a reference for the production of PDO (protected designation of origin).

The Vacuum Molding System allows a diversification of cheese technologies, from hard cheese to soft cheese. It is suitable for cheeses refined with natural rind.

Versatility on mold types: traditional molds and micro-perforated molds.

There are various means of mechanization, from Vacuum molding system to manual valves to the fully automated Vacuum Molding System with improved hygiene level.

Molding system / Whey separation on molding bloc :

Continuous molding by pouring the curd over a block form train.

Adjustable whey separation on filter grid.

For the blue cheese making: integration of a draining off conveyor belt between the head filtration and the molds.

Draining mat :

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