Press tower open/closed:

Intended for pressing cheeses after molding, making it possible to work in a fixed station for the loading and unloading of the press.

Optimization of space by limiting conveying requirements.

Complete range from open rotary presses to closed motorized presses.

Pressing by individual cylinders or in columns for small formats.

Modular design according to production capacity.

Confined atmosphere favorable to pressing and acidification.

  • Management of pressing by recipe
  • Motorization of rotation
  • Door with motorized curtain
  • Whey collection vat embedded in the ground
  • Cover for CIP washing

Press tunnel with cylinder / inflatable pressing hose:

Air cushion pressing plate, allowing homogeneous pressing of each cheese.

Presses designed for an automated production line, allowing feeding, pressing and automatic evacuation of the molds.

Multipurpose presses for individual molds or blockform.

  • Multi-format pressing
  • Homogeneity of pressing
  • Recovery of whole whey

Replacing tray with air cushions by individual jacks.

Washable in CIP.

Type of mold conveying (mat, step by step …).

Automatic introduction and extraction.

Open or closed finish.

Depending on the installation constraints, it is possible to superimpose 2 molds or blockform under the same press or to superimpose several presses, which will be fed by inlet and outlet elevators.

Turning press:

Single equipment for molding, pressing, turning and acidification.

Pressing with individual jacks.

Motorization of rotation

Reduced production area.

Confined atmosphere favorable to the pressing and acidification process. Modular design according to production capacity.

Duplex or triplex type beam. Storage and washing of molding accessories.

Management of pressing by recipe.

Whey collection vat embedded in the ground.

Stainless steel molds.

CIP washing hood with motorized curtain door.

Column press open or closed:

Mold pressing system by stacking with whey recovery.

Suitable for low production volumes and for small formats cheeses. (Up to 15Kg)

Ground occupation optimized.

Different configurations (in line, in rotating barrel …).


Using easily (including washing).

Horizontal press:

Pressing system by horizontal storage of the molds with whey recovery.

Suitable for low production volumes, and for small format cheeses. (Up to 15Kg).

Optimization of the ground occupation.


Ease of use (including washing).

Mobil press.

Covered press.

Automatic pressing cycle.

Pressing pallet:

Pallet with individual pressing of cheeses by flexible jacks.

Individual pressing: homogeneous pressing.
Optimization of the ground occupation.
Different configurations possible: round or square, placed on the ground, suspended, turning barrel…
Anti-lid system.

Recovery of serum.
Automatic pressing cycle.
Mobile press.
Stainless steel pressing jack.
Washing in cabin.