Washing tunnel:

Equipment for washing cheese equipment. Suitable for washing micro-perforated molds. 3 stages follow one another in this tunnel:

  • the prewash which will remove the cheese particles and the visible dirt.
  • washing which dissolves dirt through chemical, thermal and mechanical actions.
  • the rinsing which will remove the chemical still present on the mold.

Washing equipment is conveyed into the tunnel using a conveyor.

Automatic operation: temperature control, concentration of washing solution and disinfectant.
Tunnel self-cleaning.

Control of consumption of water, energy, consumables and discharges.

Length and number of sections modular according to the characteristics of the washing equipment and the performances of the line.

Conveying and washing on two floors.

Type of conveyor adapted to the needs.

Extraction of fog.

Filtration and removal of dirt during pre-washing.

Carcass insulation.

Wash tub:

Wash tub for all types of equipment by soaking, with integrated heating system.

Cost-effective and versatile solution.
Optimization of space.
Made to measure according to the material to be washed.

Motorization of the lid lifting.
Mechanical agitation by pump.
Above ground or recessed equipment.
Automatic temperature control.
Automatic dosing of the washing solution.
Custom sizing.
Several compartments (washing, rinsing, disinfection …).


Closed-loop cleaning with recovery of washing solutions, for piping and closed-type equipment.

Manual or automated system.

Optimization of the hygiene and washing characteristics of equipment.

Control of flow, temperature, concentration and duration parameters.

Ability to adapt to:

  • implantation constraints by superposition of the tanks.
  • specific washing solutions (soda / acid, single phase …).