Vacuum molding system:

Molding suitable for workshops ranging from 5 to 10000 liters of milk per day to more than 1 million liters of milk per day.

An unique system allowing an optimum molding speed: less than 5 minutes for 25,000 liters. It also guarantees a maximum material recovery rate, while remaining a reference for the production of PDO (protected designation of origin).

The Vacuum Molding System allows a diversification of cheese technologies, from hard cheese to soft cheese. It is suitable for cheeses refined with natural rind.

Versatility on mold types: traditional molds and micro-perforated molds.

There are various means of mechanization, from Vacuum molding system to manual valves to the fully automated Vacuum Molding System with improved hygiene level.

Discontinuous molding:

Molding system by toppling:

Molding by pouring a basin on a block form assembly.

Adapted on a production line of soft cheese / lactic curd in basin of variable capacity (100 to 450 liters).

Spillage of the curd on linear or curved spout.

Introduction and extraction of basins in manual or automatic.

Draining mat:

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