Our expertise at the service of our customers

Our experience in the design and manufacture of cheese production lines have enabled us to achieve superior performance in terms of speed, efficiency and water and energy consumption. Together, we define your specifications taking into account both your current expectations and your growth forecasts in order to offer you a flexible production line that will allow you to reach your objectives today and tomorrow.
CHALON MEGARD’s know-how is to offer you standard machines as well as custom-made machines to meet the constraints of your building or the specificities of your production. We study your needs and your environment to offer you a machine or a complete cheese production line that perfectly meets your needs.
CHALON MEGARD offers versatile, flexible and scalable cheese production lines. They adapt to your production variations (rates, varieties, etc.) and are also adaptable to easily meet your future requirements and increase your production needs
Customer support is essential to the success of our work: we are able to assist you in defining your products and developing your recipes. Our teams will guide you and advise you on the type of lines to consider according to your premises and your needs.
CHALON MEGARD masters the know-how and knows your production processes for more than 100 years, we can thus propose you a standard range for manufacturers adapted to the performance requirements. We also develop special machines to meet the specificities of the cheeses you produce.
Aware that your traditional know-how is at the heart of your activity, we realize together the specifications in the respect of your requirements. The ranges we propose take into account the standards of your products. We analyze your process history in order to offer you a mechanization or automation solution that respects your production traditions.

The key steps

Research and development

Our R&D team is constantly working on continuous process improvement. CHALON MEGARD has developed the vacuum molding system, which has become a reference in the trade. Innovation is in the DNA of CHALON MEGARD.

Global sales network

The sales team is made up of people who are highly qualified in industrial cheese manufacturing processes. Adapting to your qualitative and quantitative requirements is a priority guaranteeing your satisfaction. We use decades of experience to define your needs and accompany you throughout your projects.

Specialized technicians

Our fabrication shop, adapted and equipped in particular for large-scale projects, allows complete control of production thanks to know-how carefully maintained and shared between experienced people and new entrants. Sharing and training maintain production excellence.

Process definition by design office

Our design office, composed of project teams, is in constant contact with the sales teams and the workshop, thus ensuring developments based as much on observation and improvement as on process and process expertise.

Installation by technicians

Our assembly and installation service travels all over the world to assemble your production line or your machines. Our method requirement allows us to ensure the assembly of your equipment in the best conditions, in accordance with what has been designed, assembled and validated in the factory.

Responsive customer service

Our customer service is available to guarantee a reactive response to all your requests: hotline to respond to emergencies, maintenance service to assist you or schedule an intervention as quickly as necessary, ordering spare parts and finally audit your equipment and training your employees on demand.